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These stories show you how our projects came about, what challenges we faced and who played a part in the implementation. Everything needs to be perfect. We are very proud of all these customers, partnerships and success stories and we are happy to share them. Read them below.

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Food industry

“Oxycom's IntrCooll units have certainly helped us achieve our goals.”

Peter Röskenbleck

Technical director at Sinnack Backspezialitäten

Data centers

“Warm air affected the correct functioning of the computers. Oxycom’s IntrCooll units helped them to control the inside room temperature, therefore increased the work efficiency of the allocated computers.”

Metal industry

“We are very satisfied with Oxycom's energy-efficient solution which solved the heat problem in our coating department. Now we have a pleasant, constant temperature in summer and winter.”

Heico Booyink

C.O.O. Pan Oston

Graphic industry

“Machines and people perform better with the Oxycom IntrCooll units.”

Bart Tenfelde

Communication & printing Lijnco Groningen, The Netherlands


"We no longer have to spray water to keep our condenser cool and running on hot summer days. Next to improving the overall reliability, the system also increases the efficiency and reduces our energy bill."

Mr. Boer

JUMBO Raalte

Data centers

For a large data center in Amsterdam, PreCooll increased efficiency and reduced peak power. When building new data centers, the municipality limits the maximum power consumption. Cooling systems are large consumers, so reducing peak power indirectly means that server capacity can be increased.

Data center

The Netherlands


"At the beginning I was very skeptical about the declared high efficiency. Once installed, I was able to verify its performance, which proved to be above standard expectations. This system ensures: high energy efficiency, low running costs and last but not least, unprecedented respect for the environment in the cooling field."

Ing. Roberto Andriollo

Plastic Legno

Metal industry

"We have not experienced any machine downtime since and our staff's productivity has gone up".

Harold Groot Roessink

BMI Thegon - Director

Kor LinkedIn foto

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