Adiabatic cooling bakeries

IntrCooll: the perfect match for industrial bakeries

Choose two-stage adiabatic cooling for a clean and comfortable working climate with fresh filtered outside air and optimal hygiene.

The top choice for your industrial bakery

The factory is at the core of your business. Productivity and output are essential. We know what you need.

Save energy and get comfortable

IntrCooll creates an optimal working climate while saving up to 90% of energy. The pleasant temperature increases comfort and productivity considerably.

Healthy and happy

Optimal ventilation is vital for a healthy working environment in industrial bakeries. Our system cools with 100% fresh, filtered outside air. 

Optimal hygiene

The IntrCooll ensures a hygienic climate on your factory floor. Our adiabatic cooling system is equipped with a VDI 6022 hygiene certificate.

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Challenges & Opportunities for Energy-Efficient Climate Control

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Bakery cooling hygiene

Focus on hygiene

Hygiene is the top priority for industrial bakeries; from the moment the dough is prepared, it’s baked and cooled down to the packaging stage. IntrCooll ensures optimal hygiene for the production process and the work floor. Because the use of preservatives is forbidden in more and more countries, hygiene is becoming an increasingly important factor for the shelf life of bread. The IntrCooll can be combined with ionization (cold plasma), which combats viruses, molds, and fine dust in the entire production area.


energy savings, compared to traditional air conditioning.


We deliver an excellent climate

The internal heat load is very high in industrial bakeries due to the residual heat released in the production process. Also, the presence of flour dust is unavoidable and irritates the eyes and lungs. These hot and dusty conditions have a negative effect on the comfort and well-being of your employees. IntrCooll cools your factory with fresh, filtered outside air. The steady flow of ventilation refreshes the inside air completely, several times an hour. Overpressured conditioned cooling in the packaging area ensures your product’s longevity. 

Year-round profit
Oxycom’s unique two-stage evaporative cooling technology cools the high internal heat load with more than 90% energy savings against traditional air conditioning. During the winter, when outdoor temperatures are below the required comfortable temperature to ventilate, the IntrCooll can be combined with a Heat Reclaim module to mix the fresh outdoor air with a part of the reclaimed indoor air. Ensuring that no energy is wasted and the ventilation air has a comfortable temperature when reaching the work floor.

Only the best for your employees
IntrCooll delivers air, up to 7 °C lower than the traditional direct adiabatic systems. Lower temperatures resolve in lower humidity. Lower temperature and humidity ensure more comfort for your employees — the pleasant working climate results in increased productivity and output and reduced sick leave.

Oxycom's two-stage evaporative cooling and ventilation also offers the ideal solution in other sectors of the food industry:

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Climate control for industrial bakeries

IntrCooll adiabatische koeling


Our adiabatic cooling is the best natural and sustainable alternative to mechanical cooling. IntrCooll saves you up to 90% on energy consumption. You’re guaranteed a comfortable and healthy climate for your employees, as-well-as a safe and hygienic environment for your process and products.

The solution for an optimal climate

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Space, spot and process cooling of industrial bakery locations

At Sinnack Backspezialitäten Germany, Oxycom installed the sustainable, easy-to-install and cost-efficient IntrCooll units. The units ensure optimal cooling in the production area, especially in the summer.

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Adiabatic Cooling South Africa

IntrCooll units guarantee grapefruit farm a constant temperature

Outside temperatures of 40 °C can severely affect the quality of freshly picked grapefruits which need to be stored at a max of 20 °C. Oxycom's IntrCooll units deliver the perfect climate conditions for both people and products in this semi-desert area.


Increased cooling capacity for AHU's at Sinnack Snack

At Sinnack Snack, 8 IntrCooll units are used to pre-cool the outdoor intake of the AHU's. The increased cooling capacity generates a significant reduction in energy consumption and a stable production process all year round.

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  • Analyze the challenges you face due to your current climate control & map out your current indoor climate situation.
  • Explain what the possibilities and benefits of adiabatic cooling are for your factory
  • Provide you with tailored advice on an efficient and sustainable climate solution.
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