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Become an Oxycom partner today

In order to fulfil our mission towards a zero-emission world, we are looking for partners to distribute our highly sustainable climate control in a growing market. 


Capitalize on the growing market for sustainable solutions now

Oxycom understands the need for fresh, filtered and cool air. In this age of growing environmental concern, our goal is to deliver a healthy indoor climate that makes people feel and perform better in every season. Inspired by nature, we develop and produce today’s most practical and energy-efficient solutions that point to the future of climate control.

In order to fulfil its mission in an optimal way, Oxycom is looking for the most suitable partners in various countries.

What to expect as an Oxycom partner

As an Oxycom partner, you can expect us to provide you with complete training and education on our products and how to install them. Furthermore, we will share our knowledge and know-how for taking on complex projects and provide full support when calculations are needed. 
Technical and sales support are also included in our partnership deal. 
Start your journey to zero, become an Oxycom partner:

Become an Oxycom partner

What you can expect:
  • High quality Oxycom products manufactured in The Netherlands
  • All necessary information and material for you to offer our products successfully in your country
  • Excellent support by our experts for marketing, technical & sales issues




What it means to be an Oxycom partner

Infranorm, a plant engineering and construction company specializing in integrated solutions for industrial production requirements, looked for a competent and reliable partner in sustainable cooling. Partnering up with Oxycom has allowed Infranorm to open up new markets and provide customers with their holistic hall conditioning systems. Read there full story here:

What we expect from an Oxycom partner

We expect our partners to support and implement our philosophy of zero-emission climate technology - to be a fan and evangelist of our product. You have the desire to grow, succeed and generate profit in the market of sustainable air conditioning. As an Oxycom partner, you should be willing to invest in training your staff to support our product. Your sales department should focus on direct sales of the Oxycom product, and managing and training consultants and installers.
Start you journey to zero, become an Oxycom partner: 

Become an Oxycom partner

We expect:
  • Experience in selling products for the HVAC industry.
  • You know your marketplace and are able to make a marketing plan for our products.
  • Distribution of our products in your market.


We are proud of the cooperation with our partners!

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Oxycom - Introduction - English-2

1. Apply online to become an Oxycom partner
We will respond within 2 days

2. Get to know each other
Meet face-to-face or online

3. Showcase your company
Provide your company information and logo online

4. Get trained on Oxycom products and software
Required to become a partner

5. Official Oxycom partner
Signed partner agreement and full access to all products, documentation and tools

6. Secure your first project
Work together with our partner manager to win your first project!


Complies with all regulations.

Learn about our partner projects 

Here we've highlighted a few of our partner projects

canon IntrCooll

How Canon Production Printing was able to create a comfortable and sustainable working climate within its production facility

Netherland's largest installation company, Croonwolter&dros teamed-up with Oxycom and delivered a successful climate-installation project for Canon Production Printing Netherlands.

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Equinix Amsterdam

Adiabatic pre-cooling in world leading data center

In partnership with cooling supplier Trane, Oxycom supplied 3 of the data center hubs in Amsterdam with adiabatic precooling. The addition of the adiabatic precooling allowed for a 14% peak current reduction and a dramatic increase in server capacity.


Read the full story

Innovative application of the IntrCooll for Saudi dairy company

Kafaat Energy and Oxycom joined forces to provide this Saudi company with sustainable comfort cooling using fresh air. With this unique application of the IntrCooll, visitors and employees now enjoy a comfortable environment - even during the hottest and most humid days of the year.

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Barry Leuverman | 2021

Become an Oxycom partner, today!

Let's tackle climate change together, start your journey to net-zero with us. Make a significant difference with our extremely sustainable climate solutions.