Two-stage adiabatic cooling for the food industry

Choose dual-stage adiabatic cooling for a comfortable working climate, clean, filtered air and optimal hygiene.

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IntrCooll creates an optimal working climate. The pleasant temperature will increase comfort and productivity considerably.

Healthy and happy

Optimal ventilation is key for a healthy working environment in the food industry. Our system cools with 100% fresh, filtered outside air.

Optimal hygiene

IntrCooll ensures a hygienic factory climate. Our adiabatic cooling system is equipped with a VDI-6022 certified contact humidifier with silver ions.

Climate control for the food industry

Dutch industrial bakery Bakkerij Holland was looking for a sustainable solution to cool and ventilate the production hall with fresh filtered air all year round. With the implementation of the IntrCooll 4 Season, equipped with UV-C water disinfection lamps.  the bakery provides a comfortable work environment for their employees as well as optimal hygiene conditions for their products. Check out the reference video on Bakkerij Holland's experience with the IntrCooll.

Sinnack EN

A sustainable indoor climate for optimal working conditions in the bakery

Discover how Sinnack Backspezialitäten created a sustainable climate with optimal ventilation, where hygiene is priority #1.:

Focus on hygiene

Focus on hygiene

Hygiene is the top priority in the food industry. IntrCooll ensures optimal hygiene in your factory. Our adiabatic cooling system is equipped with a VDI 6022 certified package humidifier with silver ions. In addition, the IntrCooll can be equipped with a UVC water disinfection system or ionization.


energy savings, compared to traditional air conditioning.

Food industry evaporative cooling

We deliver an excellent climate

The internal heat load is often high in a production hall. These hot conditions have a negative effect on the comfort and well-being of your employees. Therefore, cooling and optimal ventilation are fundamental. IntrCooll cools your factory with fresh, filtered outside air. The steady flow of ventilation refreshes inside air completely, several times an hour.

Only the best for your employees
IntrCooll delivers air with a low temperature and good relative humidity. Fresh, cool air creates comfort and well-being for your valuable employees. The pleasant working climate results in increased productivity and higher output.

Unique two-stage cooling
IntrCooll uses two-stage indirect / direct adiabatic cooling. This unique natural cooling process cools fresh air using cold recirculation water, without water evaporation. The chilled air is cooled even further by adding moisture with the patented Oxyvap® at this final step. In contrast to other adiabatic cooling systems, humidity levels remain low.

Year-round profit
Oxycom provides your factory with the perfect climate, even in winter and spring. IntrCooll's Heat Reclaim module reuses indoor heat to warm up fresh outdoor air.

IntrCooll is the perfect fit for all activities within the food industry:


  • Dairy industry
  • Meat and fish processing
  • Ready-made meals
  • Beverage industry
  • Breweries
  • Bakeries
  • Confectionery industry
  • Chocolate industry
  • Pasta industry
  • General foods

Climate control for the food industry

IntrCooll adiabatische koeling


Our adiabatic cooling is the best natural and sustainable alternative to mechanical cooling. IntrCooll saves you up to 90% on energy consumption. You’re guaranteed a comfortable and healthy climate for your employees.

The solution for an optimal climate

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Space, spot and process cooling of industrial bakery locations

At Sinnack Backspezialitäten Germany, Oxycom installed the sustainable, easy-to-install and cost-efficient IntrCooll units. The units ensure optimal cooling in the production area, especially in the summer.

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IntrCooll units guarantee Bakkerij Holland a constant temperature

IntrCooll units guarantee Bakkerij Holland a constant temperature

Dutch industrial bakery Bakkerij Holland was looking for a sustainable solution to cool and ventilate the production hall with fresh filtered air all year round. Optimal hygiene was the number one priority.

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Increased cooling capacity for AHU's at Sinnack Snack

At Sinnack Snack, 8 IntrCooll units are used to pre-cool the outdoor intake of the AHU's. The increased cooling capacity generates a significant reduction in energy consumption and a stable production process all year round.

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