All there is to know about evaporative cooling (adiabatic cooling)

Discover sustainable, and comfortable industrial cooling with two-stage evaporative cooling, the method that uses 90% less energy consumption.

Affordable, sustainable and comfortable industrial cooling

With two-stage adiabatic cooling, you can achieve a comfortable and healthy climate in your (production) halls in a sustainable and cost-effective way.
This page contains all the information regarding the operation, benefits, efficiency, and costs of (two-stage) adiabatic cooling. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
What is evaporative cooling

What is evaporative cooling?

Sustainable and cost-effective cooling for industrial buildings

Two-stage adiabatic cooling is the most sustainable and effective way to cool and ventilate (production) halls. Our unique cooling system - based on the evaporation of water - creates a comfortable and healthy working environment.

Read more on the principle of evaporative cooling and what evaporative cooling can do for you:

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Challenges & Opportunities for Energy-Efficient Climate Control

Discover how to create a sustainable and comfortable climate within your production facility. Download our whitepaper for free:

Sustainable cooling and heating M&G

Two-stage evaporative cooling

Cooling up to 7 ℃ deeper with 70% less moisture

Two-stage evaporative cooling, also known as indirect/direct evaporative cooling, uses both the indirect as the direct adiabatic process incorporated in the same system. This allows the system to cool up to 7 ℃ with up to 70% less moisture than other (direct) evaporative coolers. Read more information on two-stage evaporative cooling by clicking on the button below:

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Evaporative cooling vs air conditioning - TC (1)

Evaporative cooling vs air conditioning

A clear comparison between evaporative cooling and air conditioning

The global temperature rise is creating a surge in demand for cooling. But ironically, the more we rely on energy-intensive air conditioners to cool ourselves, the more we heat our planet. Sustainable alternatives, like evaporative cooling, are still less well-known.

This is unfortunate, as conventional air conditioning leaves a massive carbon footprint - especially in comparison with two-stage evaporative cooling. Daily, we're asked what two-stage evaporative cooling is and how it compares to conventional AC. Therefore, we've compiled a list of the most important differences between these two technologies. See for yourself what works best for you:

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Advantages of evaporative cooling

Advantages of evaporative cooling

Sustainable, cost-effective & healthy cooling and ventilation

Evaporative cooling, especially the two-stage technology, provides the most sustainable, cost-effective and healthy cooling & ventilation solution available for production facilities, distribution centers, and office buildings. For instance,  did you know that you can save up to 90% energy costs with evaporative cooling?

Read more on the many advantages of (two-stage) evaporative cooling by clicking on the button below:

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Evaporative cooling case study

A comfortable and sustainable working climate with IntrCooll

247TailorSteel saw they had to improve their indoor climate to provide a healthy and productive work environment. With Oxycom’s sustainable cooling and ventilation system, IntrCooll, 247TailorSteel has created a stable and optimal working climate for its employees.

Evaporative cooling and humidity

Evaporative cooling and humidity

How evaporative cooling influences humidity and vice versa

One of the most prevalent misconceptions about evaporative cooling is that it would create a subtropical climate within a production facility or building. Another misconception is that evaporative cooling rarely works in humid climates. However, evaporative cooling does have an effect on humidity and the type of climate does have an influence on how evaporative cooling works. Read more on how evaporative cooling influences humidity and vice versa by clicking the button below:

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Efficiency of evaporative cooling

The effectiveness of two-stage evaporative cooling in different situations

There are several factors that influence the effectiveness or efficiency of two-stage evaporative cooling. These are:

  • The outdoor dry bulb temperature
  • The wet bulb temperature of the outside air
  • The outdoor air humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Air volume 

Here you can read more on the effectiveness of evaporative cooling in different situations:

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Industrial evaporative cooling

Industrial evaporative cooling

A suitable cooling and ventilation solution for every industry

It is well understood that both employees and machines perform better in a well-balanced working climate. Industrial evaporative cooling provides production facilities with the perfect solution for a comfortable, healthy and productive environment. Oxycom’s IntrCooll a two-stage evaporative cooling technology is suitable for all industries, ranging from the metal industry to the food industry. 

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Fresh air and low GHG emissions in MilliporeSigma's Pharmaceuticals distribution center

Twelve of our patented two-stage adiabatic cooling units have been installed at the site of MilliporeSigma, California! The solution will provide a comfortable and clean working environment for their employees with only 10% of the usual power consumption compared to a conventional cooling system.

Evaporative cooling costs

Evaporative cooling costs

Affordable and sustainable climate control with two-stage evaporative cooling

How much evaporative cooling costs, depends on the type of evaporative system that is used, as well as the amount of cooling and ventilation is required. Some systems may require more electricity and water than others, and larger spaces or buildings may need several installations to provide optimal cooling and ventilation. Nonetheless,  two-stage evaporative cooling is an affordable and sustainable solution to create a comfortable and healthy working climate. 

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An efficient way to heat a factory

What is the most efficient way to heat a factory?

Proper heating in the workplace is crucial for employees' comfort, and inefficient heating systems can lead to high energy consumption and uncomfortable working conditions. To heat a factory energy-efficiently, there are a few things to consider, such as insulation, a heating system, and a control system, along with the factors:

  • What is the heating demand around the year?
  • What are the processes and operations run in the factory?
  • How much waste heat/residual heat is generated in the factory?
  • How much is the cooling demand in comparison to the heating demand?
  • Is it a new building or an old building?
  • Is there any negative pressure in the factory halls?

Read on to discover sustainable strategies that can be employed to achieve proper heating in a responsible manner.

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