PreCooll: upgrade your supermarket cooling system

Adiabatic pre-cooling increases the cooling capacity and reliability of your cooling and freezing installations, even faced with extreme heat. Save up to 40% energy.

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Cooling and freezing installations are the biggest energy guzzlers of your supermarket. Especially in warm weather, effective and sustainable cooling is a major challenge. We know what you need.

Save energy

Traditional cooling and freezing systems consume an excessive amount of energy, particularly in hot weather conditions. PreCooll enables effective cooling and saves up to 40% energy.

Trustworthy cooling

A reliable cooling system is of great importance to your company. PreCooll increases the reliability of your cooling and prevents downtime.

Bump up capacity

Oxycom's adiabatic pre-cooling lowers the air inlet temperature and thus significantly expands the capacity of your cooling installation.


Go further

Reliable cooling and freezing installations are essential to supermarkets. If warm weather decreases efficiency, the cooling capacity lowers and the risk of loss is high. PreCooll adiabatic pre-cooling turns your new or existing installation into a sustainable and reliable system. Pre-cooling keeps the pressure and load lower, which increases the lifespan of your installation. PreCooll is suitable for most refrigerant types, including CO2.


energy savings, with a natural upgrade of your cooling system.

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Sustainable and effective cooling with PreCooll

Sustainable cooling is essential for our future. PreCooll reduces your energy consumption by up to 40% and enables you to achieve your strategic goals.

Patented evaporative cooling
The patented PreCooll Oxyvap® panels create a cool microclimate around your cooling system. Evaporative cooling lowers the incoming air temperature by up to 15° C.

Cool effectively
The changing climate calls for powerful cooling. PreCooll cools incoming air considerably so your cooling system can cope with high outside temperatures and prevent loss.

Natural pre-cooling for your refrigeration system

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When faced with heat, traditional air conditioning often has insufficient cooling capacity. PreCooll upgrades your cooling system with adiabatic cooling. Evaporation allows effective cooling and saves up to 40% energy.

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