About Oxycom

We are Oxycom

We are pioneers. We design our highly innovative 'natural cooling systems' with one goal: reduce the global ecological footprint required for cooling, ventilating, and heating buildings. Founded in the Netherlands, we have been developing innovative adiabatic climate solutions since 2002.

Sustainable cooling

We are sustainable

We are not afraid to critically look at our own choices. We set ambitious goals to minimize Oxycom's environmental footprint. We’re currently working on electrifying our fleet of cars. We aim to stop using natural gas in our factory and office by 2024.

Oxycom and Infranorm

We are experts and we work together

Oxycom has years of experience with countless applications worldwide. Our broad expertise enables us to complete every project successfully.

We can only achieve our goals by working with national and international partners. We believe in the power of collaboration and we’re always looking for installers and partners who share our vision. 

Impact worldwide evaporative cooling

We are making an impact worldwide

With our projects across various industries from data centers to automotive industries to supermarkets, we are continuously and actively working towards an emission-free world.

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Transforming the HVAC industry

We are transforming the HVAC industry

From Europe to America to the far east, Oxycom is transforming the HVAC industry with its sustainable climate control system.

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Building Oxycom

IntrCooll: two-stage adiabatic cooling for industrial facilities.

Where does the name Oxycom come from?

OXYgen COMpany, lots of ventilation provides oxygen.
Oxycom’s patented high-tech sustainable climate control technology brings enormous environmental benefits that make clean and healthy air accessible with high energy efficiency. Oxycom's highly innovative 'natural cooling systems' are based on the age-old powerful technique of evaporative cooling.

Adiabatic cooling or cooling by evaporation requires heat, and by making water evaporate you can extract heat from an object you want to cool. This is the principle at work where - since ancient times - wet towels have been hung in front of open windows to cool homes, and that also explains why humans start to sweat when they need to cool down. Oxycom applies the same mechanism to manufacture industrial climate control installations with only 10 percent of the electricity consumption, plus a negligible amount of water, to achieve the same amount of cooling as conventional air conditioners.

Our innovative two-stage adiabatic cooling solution use 100% clean, fresh, and, filtered outside air to ensure optimal ventilation conditions and a healthy oxygen-enriched indoor environment.
Bart and Hans Reinders

History of Oxycom

“...I was triggered by the research from the World Bank stating that evaporative cooling in the future will play an important part in the HVAC industry, and I think it is a blessing that we were technical people but not hindered by any knowledge about cooling technology."
- Hans Reinders, founder of Oxycom. 

In 2002, together with two employees from his previous company but without any specific knowledge about cooling, Hans Reinders launched Oxycom literally in a shed.

Although new energy-efficient HVAC products were developed and introduced to the market. Unfortunately, awareness of sustainable products was minor. Oxycom became the pioneer of highly innovative "natural cooling systems,” by putting sustainability in its core mission and work towards reducing the global ecological footprint required for cooling, ventilating, and heating buildings.

Initial success for this innovative concept came quickly in 2004, with a huge order from a German caravan manufacturer for 60 thousand cooling units. We made a mistake after testing and receiving the order from the German caravan manufacturer, we accepted a short delivery time of only six months to deliver the first units. It should have been 18 months to properly set up for production. We could not match the number of units needed and success went out of the door just as quickly as it came.

A typical mistake made by young innovative companies. You are forced to deliver profitable numbers to comply with shareholders, who invested substantially.

Despite the bumpy start and industry not being ready for new energy-saving technologies. Oxycom is currently growing fast. Sustainability is currently a high priority around the world, and the demand for sustainable cooling is growing at an unprecedented pace.


Meet our management team

Bart Reinders

Bart Reinders

Managing Director

Bart has been a proud Oxycom team member since 2012. In 2019, he took over the directors baton. Bart has an innovative mind and loves his great team, technology and sustainability. On to a cleaner future!

“It's an honor to work with this team. It feels great to be part of a company where we can really make a mark and contribute to a cleaner future.”

Hans Oxycom

Hans Reinders

Founder & New Business Development

Hans founded Oxycom in 2002. He’s charming and slightly chaotic. An entrepreneur at heart with a passion for sustainable cooling and catchy one-liners.

“It is much more than just cooling. Oxycom’s own air treatment systems create a climate in which people function optimally.”

Kor LinkedIn foto

Kor Foekens

Commercial Director

Kor has been Oxycom’s commercial director since October 2018. He’s passionate about innovation, sustainability and transferring knowledge. Kor focuses on creating healthy, sustainable and productive working and living conditions.

“I believe it’s time for sustainable climate systems, due to climate change and the need to reduce the global carbon footprint. It’s wonderful to contribute to these goals with the entire Oxycom team.”

Danny Grondhuis Oxycom

Danny Grondhuis

Technical director

Danny has been working at Oxycom since August 2016. He has been involved in the development of end-products for Oxycom. With his product knowledge, Danny has been enthusiastically leading the Engineering team since 2019. In 2023 he is promoted to the position of Technical Director.

“I think working at Oxycom is fantastic. 
With a close-knit team of motivated employees, we can offer innovative solutions for a sustainable society! This is reflected in great projects worldwide and satisfied customers!"