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Motor Oost keeps its head cool thanks to three IntrCooll units from Oxycom

Pleasant climate and fresh air give employee welfare a boost

And then, all of a sudden, you have the keys to a fantastically beautiful, large, new premises on the Enter business park. Fitted with plenty of glass to give every passer-by an instant glimpse of Motor Oost’s beautiful collection. Relatively soon, however, there was a rather unpleasant period of extremely high temperatures. “Imagine that you then have to put on a motorcycle suit. It was unbearable”, owner Sander Blanken remembers it well.

A pleasant indoor climate is fine for visitors, of course, but they spend a relatively short amount of time in the showroom of this regional motorcycle palace. What’seven more important is that the employees feel comfortable in the showroom as well as in the workshop, in particular. In other words: a stable temperature all year round. Sander’s father, the founder of the family business, therefore sought a party that is able to guarantee this, and at the end of 2018, he came into contact with Oxycom, which launched the IntrCooll air-treatment system. “As my initial thoughts were along the lines of underfloor heating combined with a heat pump, I was rather skeptical, and was not a fan of having of all kinds of ducts all over the ceiling, but luckily that wasn’t the plan. It was a good story and in the space of an hour, my advisor and I did a complete turnaround. ”Blanken senior felt that it was a good solution and the positive feeling was corroborated when this summer - a few months after the unit was installed - a period of high temperatures occurred once again. “Yes, it worked perfectly. Outside, the temperature was around 40 degrees, but inside, the temperature was a particularly pleasant 20 to 25 degrees”, he says, on behalf of all employees. “We'll have to wait and see how it goes during the winter period because we are yet to experience that, but I have every confidence in the unit. Sander happily adds: “And it is good that this way we are already responding to the unavoidable fact that we all need to use a little less gas.”

We are literally able to breathe again. All exhaust gases now disappear within ten minutes, as does the smell of petrol and solvents.

Able to breathe again

Motor Oost, the Suzuki dealer for the Rijssen, Enter and Almelo region, has three IntrCooll units on its roof. One is for cooling only, while the other two are for both cooling and heating. It is still a little early to map out the energy-saving properly. However, an initial cautious conclusion could be: “We are keeping a close eye on the meter and it meets our expectations entirely. And things will only get better once we obtain solar panels in 2020 too.” The current owner regards the aspect of air treatment to be at least as important. Everyone performs better when fresh air is supplied, but most of all, that is noticeable in the workplace right away. “Where we are literally able to breathe again. All exhaust gases now disappear within ten minutes, as does the smell of petrol and solvents. But what used to happen before, you might ask? Well, back then we simply opened the doors, but then some odours would still linger in the air, of course.” Founder Hans Reinders of Oxycom listens attentively and watches contentedly at how Blanken tells his story. In Blanken, Oxycom has found itself an ambassador once again. “Nowadays, there’s no getting away from employee welfare and that is completely justified, of course”, he decides.


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