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The challenge in many industrial transformation processes is the increasing outside air temperature during the warmer periods of the year. In the absence of an ideal comfortable microclimate, there are often inefficiencies in the work of the workforce as well as in the processing of raw materials and semi-finished products. Due to the very high temperatures in the summer, the workers and the machinery on which they work and interact, needed a cooler and a more comfortable work environment to improve the working efficiency.

The Solution

Originally, the customer had thought of using classic air conditioning technology, which involves the use of compressors, refrigerants and, of course, electrical consumption of a certain type. Then, the technology of Oxycom was presented as an alternative. Clearly, they had two ways of dealing with the problem with a very similar result, but one with electricity consumption and plant costs much lower. And, as a result, the customer opted for the technology Oxycom.

Why would you choose Oxycom's Technology?

The Factory became aware of Oxycom’s technology thanks to the design study entrusted with the factory’s air conditioning project. The Engineer in charge of the air conditioning project was a bit skeptical at first, but after touching the high-cooling capacity of the Oxyvap panels during a demonstration done in his study, he changed his mind. The reasons why the customer chose our technology despite having the option of classic-cooling technology are as follows (we quote the words of the Purchasing Manager in an interview held a few months after the installation of the seven IntrCooll Plus machines):

Ing. Roberto Andriollo - Plastic Legno: “There were multiple reasons why we chose the technology of Oxycom. The first reason was because of the simplicity of the installation. This, in turn, led to a short installation time which enabled our company to continue the production quickly. The products were able to be installed rapidly because no pipes or connections of any kind had to be put into place. The second reason why was linked to the maintenance of the machines. Due to the quality of the product and the standardization of maintenance, no frequent maintenance is required. The third reason is because of energy-saving. We have been able to verify that these machines consume between eight to ten times less than traditional systems. The fourth, and last reason why is because of the high air quality. The air is drawn from the outside and carried, filtered and brought inside the processing departments. That is why we have opted for Oxycom's technology.”

Immediately after the installation of the machines, the customer was able to test them due to the high outdoor-air temperatures in July and August 2019. They can enjoy a much cooler ambiance. The temperatures within each department after the installation of the machines have been reduced significantly.

The customer is completely satisfied: Last year 7 IntrCooll Plus units were installed, this year (2020) we installed 5 more.


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"The fresh outside air is filtered and brought inside the processing departments."

Ing. Roberto Andriollo - Plastic Legno

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