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Austria Druckguss (ADG)

56 000 m³/h of fresh air and comfortable working conditions for the employees of Austria Druckguss (ADG)

Austria Druckguss (ADG) manufactures components for the automotive industry through die-casting. Within Mechanical Processing Hall 4, castings undergo post-processing via CNC machines. The heat generated by the processing machines, combined with high outdoor temperatures and solar radiation, particularly during summer, leads to high heat loads and fluctuating temperatures in the hall. With the support from Oxycom's partner, INFRANORM®, ADG achieved a comfortable and efficient working environment in the factory all year round.

The challenge

ADG focuses on continuous improvement and a commitment to sustainability. It had been looking for a sustainable, economical, and efficient cooling system that could provide comfortable indoor temperatures all year round. In the production halls, high process-related heat loads arise during the post-processing of the castings. This would lead to fluctuating production conditions and, thus, to fluctuating dimensional tolerances, especially in the summer months. High temperatures in the halls create an uncomfortable working environment for employees. 

To solve the above challenges, Oxycom's patented two-stage evaporative cooling solution, IntrCooll, was installed to create a comfortable indoor climate for year-round operation.

ADG HQFigure: Austria Druckguss, Gleisdorf (Source: ADG)

The solution

Thanks to Oxycom’s two-stage evaporative cooling technology, a constant temperature can be maintained in the hall, further improving the already high product quality. In combination with the ventilation device, fresh filtered air is added with up to 56 000 m³/h of clean, cooled outside air.

The ventilation devices ensure the greatest possible proportion of fresh air with the lowest possible energy use. The system automatically ensures the best operating point in terms of energy from the three possible air intakes (outside air, cooled outside air, and recirculated air). Thanks to the high waste heat from the production processes of more than 160 kW, the maximum possible amount of fresh air can be supplied even at low outside temperatures without incurring heating costs. This is possible by using the process waste heat in the form of warm indoor air as an admixture to the cool outside air. A significant advantage is the reduction in ventilation heat losses by up to 100%. 

When using two-stage evaporative cooling, expensive compression cooling is not necessary. Instead of a 230 kW refrigeration machine, which would run almost entirely in recirculation mode, four IntrCooll units are used, which bring up to 56 000 m³/h of fresh air into the hall. This reduces manufacturing tolerance, improves the air quality in the hall, and increases employee performance.

ADG indoor

Figure: Textile air outlet with laser perforation

Air distribution is essential for an even temperature level in the hall. A draft-free environment can be ensured using tailor-made textile air hoses with laser perforation tailored to customer needs. Each textile air hose ensures a comfortable indoor climate with constant temperatures. An essential feature of this type of air distribution is the large surface area of the hose, which enables a uniform, low-impulse outflow.

The supply air temperature and humidity levels are regularly monitored and regulated via the freely adjustable humidity limit and dew point monitoring control. With these measures, the lowest possible hall temperature can be achieved and ensured while maintaining the set maximum humidity. The control system of Sustainable Hall Conditioning of INFRANORM can produce the overpressure through the control of the rooftop fans combined with permanent measurement of difference pressure between the hall and outside. The set hall overpressure in the hall ensures that no contaminants from outside penetrate the hall.

indirect/direct evaporative cooling AHUFigure: Installations of the IntrCooll units outdoors.

Additionally, with the modular structure, flexibility of the solution, and the diverse options for parameterization, it was possible to optimally adapt it to customer needs. The remote maintenance module offers additional customer support with its internet access via SIM card. This enables immediate support for configuration adjustments.

Statements and experience values

Vio MarathVio Marath, head of the mechanical processing department

“Since the system was installed by INFRANORM®, the hall conditions for the employees have improved significantly, and the tolerances of the mechanical processing are also subject to significantly less variation. Thanks to Infranorm’s Sustainable Hall Conditioning using Oxycom’s IntrCooll solution, we have extremely constant production conditions where employees feel comfortable.”


Happer Kurt-1Kurt Happer, Head of Maintenance

“The cooling technology that saves energy and operating costs was the decisive factor in installing Oxycom's two-stage evaporative cooling units. Compared to other systems, we save over 75% of energy costs and benefit from a low-maintenance system. We are particularly impressed by the high indoor air quality due to the large amount of fresh air and high energy-savings.”


The result

Oxycom's two-stage evaporative cooling system offers many features with low investment and operating costs compared to conventional cooling systems. 75% less CO2 emissions, 67% less cooling costs in summer, 100% prevention of ventilation heat losses, and 100% avoidance of climate-damaging refrigerants. This means that costs and CO2 emissions are sustainably reduced. The IntrCooll cooling units are already PARIS PROOF. They already meet the criteria of the Paris Climate Agreement for 2050. Implementing the solution saves 21 tons of CO₂ annually compared to a conventional solution. 

Advantages compared to conventional air conditioning:

  • Saves 75% of energy costs
  • Saves 75% of CO₂ emissions
  • Saves 21 tons of CO₂ emissions per year
  • Saves 67% of operating costs
  • 100% elimination of climate-damaging refrigerants
  • Adjustable supply air temperature and year-round operation
  • Limiting room air humidity and preventing condensation through dew point monitoring
  • Fresh air cooling instead of recirculated room air
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