Two-stage adiabatic cooling for your AHU cooling system

Dual-stage adiabatic pre-cooling is the ultimate upgrade for your air handling unit (AHU). IntrCooll saves energy and lowers your peak power.

Get an adiabatic upgrade of your AHU

Effective cooling is essential for your business. IntrCooll provides existing air handling units with (top) cooling. In case your AHU is already equipped with mechanical cooling, IntrCooll is the ultimate energy-saving solution.

Excellent cooling

IntrCooll upgrades existing air handling units with dual-stage adiabatic cooling.

Save energy

Pre-cooling air handling units with IntrCooll will lower energy use drastically.

Lower peak power

Pre-cooling of outside air reduces the load on the mechanical cooling system.

Challenges & Opportunities mock up

Challenges & Opportunities for Energy-Efficient Climate Control

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Energio two-stage adiabatic cooling

Get comfortable and raise productivity

Both employees and machines perform better in a well-balanced climate. Oxycom indirect / direct evaporative cooling ensures outstanding ventilation, pleasant temperatures and balanced humidity. Count on satisfied, focused employees and constant, high output.


energy savings possible, with pre-cooling on rooftop units.


We deliver an excellent climate

In winter, your air handling unit provides sufficient cooling through ventilation. In hotter periods, the AHU will ventilate the building with unwanted, warm outside air. Indoor temperatures are raised and comfort drops. The IntrCooll-upgrade will turn your AHU into an effective cooling system.

Combined with air conditioning
AHU’s equipped with traditional air conditioning will result in high energy bills due to ineffective cooling, especially in warm weather. IntrCooll pre-cooling lowers the air inlet temperature significantly and reduces the load on the mechanical cooling system. It allows you to cool deeper and save energy.

Only the best for your employees
IntrCooll delivers air with a low temperature and good relative humidity. Fresh, cool air creates comfort and well-being for your valuable employees. The pleasant working climate results in increased productivity and higher output.

Unique two-stage cooling
IntrCooll uses two-stage indirect / direct adiabatic cooling. This unique natural cooling process cools fresh air using cold recirculation water, without water evaporation. The chilled air is cooled even further by direct evaporation with the patented Oxyvap® at this final step. In comparison with other adiabatic cooling systems, humidity levels remain low and lower temperatures can be reached.

IntrCooll is a perfect fit for the following applications:


  • Air handling units (AHU)
  • Ventilation systems
  • Rooftop units

Optimal climate control with your (F)AHU

AHU precooling two-stage


Upgrade your air handling unit with IntrCooll and save up to 70% on your energy consumption. Our adiabatic cooling is the best natural and sustainable alternative to mechanical cooling. We create a comfortable and healthy climate for your employees.

The solution for an optimal climate

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Significantly lower intake temperatures for AHUs Sinnack

Significantly lower intake temperatures for AHUs Sinnack

8 IntrCooll units ensure a significantly lower intake temperature for the AHUs. The increased cooling capacity results in a significant reduction in energy consumption and a stable production process all year round.

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Better temperatures for Rembrandtin employees

Better temperatures for Rembrandtin employees

To provide fresh air and comfortable cooling, 6 IntrCooll units are installed at the production plant of Rembrantin where the coating activity generated a tremendous amount of heat from the hot coated metal.

Energy consumption reduced by 70% for

Energy consumption reduced by 70% for SA is a leader in the online sales of shoes and accessories in Central and Eastern Europe. With the IntrCooll units, they have increased the cooling capacity of their AHU systems and reduced energy consumption by up to 70%.

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  • Provide you with tailored advice on an efficient and sustainable climate solution
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