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Oxycom's IntrCooll units increase the productivity and comfort of Pan Oston employees

Pan Oston is a Dutch company specializing in the manufacture and design of checking out, self-service and kiosk solutions for the European and Scandinavian markets with a focus on the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Denmark. Together with their customers they are always looking for the most innovative, yet realistic solutions for information, reception, transaction and checkout processes.

The case

Thanks to the continuous growth of the company, Pan Oston's original location in Raalte became too small. In 2019, Pan Oston moved into a new modern building and merged its production and commercial activities. After the move, Pan Oston approached Oxycom because it became much too hot in the coating department/storage of the new building.

The challenge

Pan Oston uses metal plates and panels, which are preserved with powder coating, for the assembly of cash register systems. After the powder coating is applied, the materials are placed in an oven to cure the powder coating. At the end of the curing process, when the oven is opened, a lot of heat is released in a short period of time. Moreover, the materials themselves also give off a considerable amount of heat. The powder coating department is centrally located in the complex. Before Pan Oston commissioned Oxycom, there was insufficient capacity to dissipate the heat and hardly any air supply. As a result, temperatures rose very high at the expense of employees' comfort and productivity.

The solution

There was a need for cooling and at the same time the heat had to be removed and preferably in a sustainable way. Oxycom advised to install a heat shield between the powder coating department and the storage. The heat shield captures the heat released from the oven and from the materials, preventing the heat from spreading throughout the room. In addition, a new extraction fan, with a larger capacity, has been installed. On both sides of the heat shield, an IntrCooll Plus unit has been placed on the roof that brings fresh cooled air into the area using AirSocks. The heat is removed on the powder-coated side with the new mechanical fan and on the storage side via natural ventilation. Since ventilation is a year-round need, both IntrCooll Plus units are equipped with a Heat Reclaim module. This provides fresh air to the employees on the coating department and the storage area all year round.


The result

The 2 IntrCooll Plus units run to the satisfaction of the customer and its employees. Also in the coating department it is now pleasant to work in the hot summer months. Pan Oston is very pleased with Oxycom's IntrCooll units which provide higher productivity and more comfort for the employees. All this in a sustainable way and virtually no impact on the energy bill.


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“We are very satisfied with Oxycom's energy-efficient solution which solved the heat problem in our coating department. Now we have a pleasant, constant temperature in summer and winter.”

Heico Booyink
C.O.O. Pan Oston


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