Developed for the OEM market

Oxycom uses water, nature’s most powerful refrigerant (R718), to cool air in an environmentally friendly manner. Evaporating 1 m3 of water delivers almost 700 kWh of cooling. As a comparison, the same amount of water is used in a power plant to generate only 50 kWh of electricity, which conventional air conditioning systems can convert in no more than 150 kWh of cooling. To optimize the cooling performance using water, Oxycom has developed the Oxycell® and the Oxyvap®.


The Oxycell® is a modular and compact counter-flow heat exchanger for use in high efficiency heat recovery/cooling ventilation systems or air handling units. Besides a very efficient heat recovery unit during the winter season you can also use it as an indirect evaporative cooler during the summer season. It’s the only four season component of its kind available on the market.


The Oxyvap® is a direct evaporative media, which can be used for adiabatic cooling during the summer in a ventilation system, as a pre-cooler of the air for a condenser coil or as a humidifier inside an air handling unit during the winter. The modular pad including frame with integrated water distribution and collection functionality was designed for use in compact direct evaporative cooling and humidification systems.

Oxycom technology benefits

  • Energy savings up to 90% compared to traditional AC
  • Guaranteed high indoor air quality
  • No use of (ozone-depleting) chemicals
  • Water as a natural refrigerant
  • No compressor needed
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) boosted up to 40
  • Easy to install and almost maintenance-free