Ionization for the industry

Ionization is a technique applied in closed-off spaces to eliminate contamination on the spot. This technique naturally creates negative and positive oxygen ions in the airflow. The charged ions attach themselves to, for example, virusses, and render them harmless.

Ionisatie virussen

Ionization against contamination

Hygiene has a high priority in, for example, the food industry as impure air negatively affects the quality of products. By applying ionization to a ventilation system, viruses, fungi, and bacteria are combated. With Oxycom's technology, the air in a room is ventilated several times an hour with fresh, well-filtered outside air. However, it is possible that there are still viruses present in the room, carried in by the people on-site, for example. Ionization eliminates 99.5% of these viruses, so there is no chance of them spreading through the air.

Ionisatie tegen stof

Ionization against dust

In some industries, a lot of dust is released during the production process. This occurs, for example, in bakeries or metal factories. By refreshing the air with fresh outside air several times an hour, dust is already largely eliminated. To optimize this process even further, ionization can be applied to further get rid of these dust particles. Negative and positive oxygen ions cluster the fine dust particles so that they fall down and can no longer be inhaled. With this technique, particulate matter is reduced by approximately 50% in closed-off spaces.

Ionisatie geuren

Ionization against odors

Ionization significantly reduces foul odors that are caused by sources in a room itself. Negative and positive oxygen ions break down odor molecules to combat the unpleasant odors. Ventilation with 100% fresh, cooled outside air and ionization against unpleasant odors prevents complaints and high absenteeism.

A natural purification proces

Oxycom's technology combined with ionization provides a healthy, comfortable, and sustainable indoor environment with pure fresh air. Ionization mimics nature's natural cleaning process by enriching the indoor air with oxygen ions that clean the air. A natural ratio of ions in the air supports human intake of oxygen and makes an important contribution to healthy indoor air. 

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