A piece of cake: maintenance of the IntrCooll system

2 min. reading - published on October 19, 2020

At Oxycom, we look to work together with installers who want to implement the best and most sustainable all-season climate solution for their clients. One of these solutions may well be the IntrCooll. The installer will install the IntrCooll units and once the units have been placed, they will be responsible for maintaining the system. To take away any apprehension people may have in regards to this maintenance job, we spoke to several installers and asked them to give us an idea of what the maintenance of the IntrCooll looks like, and if they had any tips for installers when dealing with the maintenance of the IntrCooll. Below we describe their main conclusions.

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Easy and straightforward like Lego

In comparison with other climate systems, IntrCooll system is relatively easy to maintain. Extra functionalities can be added to the IntrCooll, such as a Heat Reclaim or the Natural Ventilation module, each module fits perfectly to the next. In a sense, you only need a screwdriver to assemble and disassemble the whole IntrCooll system. Once the IntrCooll system is opened or partly deconstructed, all maintenance parts are easily accessible for cleaning.

No F-gass certification needed

Since the IntrCooll functions without the use of F-gasses, installers are allowed to install and service the systems without holding a F-gass certificate.

Read the manual 

One of the main tips that our installers gave us was “to please read the manual before you start doing anything”. The IntrCooll system comes with an elaborate maintenance manual, and taking the time to read through it will speed up the job.

IntrCooll Plus + FK + XE Panels


Regular preventive maintenance is key

How often the IntrCooll system needs to be maintained depends on environmental conditions such as the weather, outdoor air conditions, and water quality. However, regular preventive maintenance is key. While maintenance is often overlooked, if the system isn’t cleaned timely and filters aren’t replaced regularly, problems will arise, and the system can eventually be damaged.

A little help goes a long way

Oxycom’s representatives are mostly present when the IntrCooll units are placed, and they can give maintenance training on the spot for external parties if necessary. This on the spot training has proven to suffice for independent installers to perform the system’s maintenance in the future. However, if this is not the case, Oxycom’s representatives are only a phone call away to help with any issues that may arise. 

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published on October 19, 2020

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