Is adiabatic cooling suitable for my production facility?

3 min. reading - published on June 10, 2020

Indoor environmental conditions in factory buildings are not only affected by outside temperatures but also by the heat that is generated during the manufacturing process. However, factories often only have a limited form of ventilation and very rarely a mechanical cooling installation to control the indoor climate. The resulting workplace conditions have a negative effect on the comfort and well-being of employees as-well-as the performance of production machinery. Therefore, cooling and sufficient ventilation are vital to an optimal production process and healthy working conditions. Two-stage adiabatic cooling provides the perfect cooling and ventilation solution. 

As many are unfamiliar with the possibilities that new adiabatic technologies can provide, some may be reluctant to implement a two-stage adiabatic cooling system in their production facility. Therefore we have listed the benefits of this new cooling technology and explain how specific industries can benefit from two-stage adiabatic cooling.

Continuous ventilation for healthy working conditions

Industrial processes such as printing in the graphic industry, or processing plastic and metal in the plastic and metal industry, release a lot of heat, gases, vapours and dust. These conditions have a negative effect on the comfort and well-being of employees. Therefore, it is crucial to have an adequate ventilation system in place. Dual-stage adiabatic cooling works on the principle of ventilatory cooling. Fresh air is pumped into the production facility and, once circulated, is extracted through an exhaust. The continuous ventilation refreshes the inside air completely, several times an hour. As a result of this ventilation process, the heat, gases, vapours, dust and other harmful substances are extracted from the workplace.

Optimal humidity to prevent material corruption

When working with materials such as paper or plastic, these materials mustn't deteriorate due to humidity. Unlike other adiabatic cooling systems, a two-stage adiabatic cooling system ensures that humidity levels remain lower and the chances of static charge, high dust load and unwanted material deformation are minimized. Furthermore, the optimal humidity prevents condensation on cooled moulds, which is most beneficial for the plastic industry. 

Adiabatisch koelen voedselindustrie
Guaranteed hygiene

Hygiene is the top priority in the food industry. As adiabatic cooling uses fresh air to cool, and the outside air contains all kind of bacteria and fungi, some raise the concern that this process is unhygienic. Especially because the pad through which the air flows gets wet in the adiabatic process. 

Most adiabatic cooling systems have a pad made of cellulose, which of course is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Yet these pads are completely dried every 24 hours, resulting in a total bio-shock. Consequently, everything that nestles itself in the cellulose dies. The pads used in the Oxycom IntrCooll system are not only dried completely every 24 hours but are also made of aluminium instead of cellulose. The aluminium fins in the pad are coated with an antibacterial silver ion layer which prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi even more. Besides, a UVC water disinfection system can be added to the installation. In this way, Oxycom's adiabatic cooling system ensures optimal hygiene within your production facility.

Stable climate for high precision production processes 

Although a stable temperature is always desirable, maintaining a steady temperature is especially important when working with a high precision production process. For example, precision metalworking demands stable temperatures at all times as workpieces have exact tolerances which come under pressure when temperatures fluctuate. Two-stage adiabatic cooling ensures a stable climate within the factory halls.


Canon casestudy adiabatic cooling2

Download our case study "How Canon Production Printing was able to create a comfortable and sustainable working climate within its production facility", and discover how Oxycom's two-stage adiabatic cooling solution benefits the industry. 




An effective cooling and ventilation solution for all industries

Both employees and machines perform better in a well-balanced climate. Two-stage adiabatic cooling provides production facilities with the perfect solution for a comfortable, healthy and productive environment. This solution is suitable for all industries, ranging from the metal industry to the food industry. 

For more information on the suitability and benefits of adiabatic cooling for your industry, go to our website and navigate to the relevant industry page. 

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published on June 10, 2020

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