6 steps to achieve super-efficient industrial cooling and ventilation

3 min. reading - published on June 26, 2024

Create a fresh and productive working environment for your employees. 

In this blog, we share practical steps to create a fresh, healthy, and comfortable working environment with our patented two-stage evaporative cooling solution.

Finding sustainable cooling solutions becomes paramount as temperatures rise and climate concerns escalate. The International Labour Organisation has estimated productivity losses from heat stress of US$2,400 billion by 2030, assuming a 1.5°C global temperature rise scenario—the equivalent of 80 million full-time jobs.

Have you ever considered the productivity loss due to heat stress in your factory?

One such solution that is gaining attention is Oxycom’s sustainable two-stage evaporative cooling technology, IntrCooll. Read our blog for practical tips on implementing our systems, which ensure cooling, heating, ventilation, a healthy working environment, and productivity. 


1. Understanding two-stage evaporative cooling in comparison to direct and traditional air conditioners.

Oxycom’s unique two-stage evaporative cooling technology results in significantly lower temperatures and prevents all the negative consequences of direct evaporation: higher temperatures and higher humidity. 

It is important to understand that our two-stage cooling technology needs a completely different approach (than traditional air conditioning) to define the number of units to be installed. Two-stage evaporative cooling technology basically ventilates fresh, cooled air into the building while exhausting the internal heat.  

While traditional air conditioning depends on recirculating and cooling the internal heat load. The more fresh air they allow into the building, the higher the energy costs. Therefore, ventilation is kept to a minimum, resulting in poor indoor air quality (IAQ).

Check out this page if you want to learn more about the difference between two-stage adiabatic cooling and air conditioning.

2. Evaluate your cooling requirements with Oxycom’s software tool: 

Climate: Two-stage evaporative coolers are always more efficient than direct evaporative coolers. They even perform in semi-humid coastal climates. In warm or extremely hot climates, the temperature performance of Oxycom’s IntrCooll outperforms traditional air conditioning systems, saving up to 90% energy consumption.

Software tool: Oxycom’s experts use the software tool to determine the best climate solution for a building. With this unique tool, we can predict the performance of our IntrCooll in your building, in your city, wherever you are on the planet.

Our experts take the following factors into consideration using our software tool for the most optimum solutions:
•    Local climate.
•    Determine the building size, layout, division of halls, insulation, roof lights, etc. 
•    The occupancy and production activities on the work floor
•    Account for all heat sources, including machinery and equipment.

3. Choose the right configuration  

Oxycom offers many configurations to provide a comfortable, fresh and healthy climate all year round. Extra functionalities can be added to the IntrCooll, such as a Heat Reclaim and Heating or the Natural Ventilation module. Each module fits perfectly with the next. With various accessories/options, any configuration can easily be put together, whether you want cooling, heating, ventilation, or filtration.

Check out our accessories and options.

4. Installation 

Our experts and affiliated installers will guide the installation to shorten the installation and commissioning process. Work with experienced technicians to ensure a smooth installation process.

5. Fine-tune and monitor for optimal comfort

Our system’s software, OxyControl, is self-learning. The cooling and heating process starts on time before people enter the building and stops on time to avoid unnecessary energy costs. Not only that, it also uses cooler temperatures at night to cool down the mass of the building. Hence, the factory building functions as a cold battery during the day, achieving comfortable indoor temperatures 24/7 with negligible energy cost.

6. Regular maintenance

Routine maintenance is vital to ensure the longevity and efficiency of any cooling technology. Oxycom’s partners and installers are trained to maintain the quality and efficiency of our systems.  

Challenges & Opportunities mock upDownload our whitepaper “Challenges and Opportunities for Energy-Efficient Climate Control” and discover how to create a comfortable and sustainable indoor climate within your production facility.

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For more information about our unique technology for the industry, visit our IntrCooll - two-stage evaporative cooling product page.

For more information about adiabatic cooling, visit our "Evaporative Cooling" webpage.

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published on June 26, 2024

Hans Reinders

“Oxyom's climate control is much more than just cooling. Oxycom’s own air treatment systems create a climate in which people function optimally.”

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