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INFRANORM & Oxycom: creating joint holistic hall conditioning solutions for customers

INFRANORM® Technologie GmbH is a plant engineering and construction company specializing in integrated solutions for industrial production requirements.

The portfolio ranges from filter and heat recovery systems to hall and zone cooling. Installations are always in compliance with customer requirements. In particular, linked systems focusing on low operating costs, long maintenance-free operating times, stable process conditions and environmental protection are in the foreground. Here, we attach great importance to always having our finger on the pulse of the times and using the most innovative solutions.

Gerald Katterbauer, INFRANORM COO "We want to contribute to a world worth living in. People, Planet, Profit - this is our company motto."

The challenges of a product and a supplier that's not quite it

Long before INFRANORM partnered with Oxycom, the plant engineering and construction company provided adiabatic cooling systems to their customers. All because adiabatic cooling is a proven sustainable cooling solution.

However, there were two major issues with the systems INFRANORM could provide. Firstly, due to the single-stage evaporative technology of these systems, which cause a significant increase in humidity and cool insufficiently, this solution was rarely deployed. Secondly, there were serious quality issues with the suppliers and the systems at the time. Consequently, INFRANORM terminated the cooperation with their previous adiabatic cooling suppliers and searched for a more competent and reliable partner.

Finding the right partner with a suitable solution

In the search for the right partner with a suitable, sustainable cooling solution, INFRANORM evaluated several suppliers. Due to the innovative two-stage adiabatic cooling technology and the excellent support on both marketing, sales and technical aspects, the decision fell on Oxycom. Gerald Katterbauer, INFRANORM COO: "Oxycom's solution is a real game-changer with which we can already realize about 95% of all air cooling projects. The two-step adiabatic technology of the IntrCooll eliminates all the disadvantages we previously experienced with single-stage systems. Besides, Oxycom's technology comes with the major advantages of lower operating costs and almost no CO2 emissions - it's the sustainable answer to climate change. With Oxycom, we got a reliable partner with good product quality."

Becoming an Oxycom partner

After initial discussions and product presentations, INFRANORM and Oxycom embarked on their partnership with the first installation projects. INFRANORM completed the installation training for the two-stage evaporative systems quickly. Mainly due to their years of experience in plant engineering, including adiabatic cooling systems. All aside, what has made this a successful partnership is the alignment of the philosophy of both companies. Katterbauer: "Our philosophies are almost 100% identical. Together we work on sustainable solutions for a future worth living - and today, we create joint holistic solutions for our customers."

Advantages of an Oxycom partnership

In Oxycom, INFRANORM found a strong eye-level partner with whom joint further developments and exchange of knowledge are today's practice. Partnering up with Oxycom has allowed INFRANORM to open up new markets and provide customers with their holistic hall conditioning systems. The IntrCooll is one of the most important components. Katterbauer: "The IntrCooll system allows us to inspire and supply our customers with a game-changer technology. We can now calculate almost any customer requirement quickly and easily through our holistic system design for hall conditioning - Sustainable Hall Conditioning. This saves our customers money and makes a valuable contribution to climate protection."

Working together with Oxycom 

Oxycom's products make a significant contribution to the success of INFRANORM. In the future, a new and independent branch of the company is to be developed through the new business unit with system trade. About working together with Oxycom, Katterbauer says the following: "It's great how we can cooperate at the same level, and that Oxycom involves us in the further development of their products. Besides, they are always quick and adequate in responding to questions, which we can appreciate. I would definitely recommend an Oxycom partnership - it allows you to contribute to climate protection with disruptive technology actively."


"We are happy to contribute to a livable future together and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this sustainable response to climate change."

Gerald Katterbauer, INFRANORM COO.

Barry Leuverman | 2021

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