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World-class sustainable climate control, inspired by nature.

Building radically better adiabatic cooling systems, developed with the ambition to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the traditional air conditioning industry.

New Four-season sustainable climate control for the 'ESG mission' of 247TailorSteel

Cool, heat and ventilate responsibly

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Let’s solve your cooling challenges

Cooling_ IntrCooll

IntrCooll assures you of an optimal working climate.

Process_productivity PreCooll

PreCooll optimizes your existing or new cooling system.

Challenges & Opportunities

Challenges & Opportunities for Energy-Efficient Climate Control

Discover how to create a sustainable and comfortable climate within your production facility. Download our whitepaper for free: 

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All you need to know about adiabatic cooling

Find out more about the benefits, myths and misunderstandings on adiabatic cooling. We are happy to share our knowledge with you!


Awarded worldwide


“After Oxycom’s systems were installed, nobody spoke about the high indoor temperatures anymore. So that’s my conclusion. It works. It just works. It gives people what they want. A stable temperature and a pleasant, ventilated area. So, our employees are super happy with the indoor climate now.”

Carl Berlo

CEO - 247TailorSteel

Kor Foekens Oxycom

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