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Łagów Castle

Outdoor cooling keeps terrace Castle of Łagów cool

The Castle of Łagów opts for Oxycom’s IntrCooll to ensure a comfortable climate which makes the most important occasions to celebrate even more unforgettable.

The Castle of the Order of St. John is a castle located in the village of Łagów in Poland. It was built in 1350 and it is, without doubt, the main tourist attraction of Łagów. The renovated castle is now a compact hotel and restaurant complex with a very special character. The main nave with wide stairs leads directly into the glass-roofed Renaissance-Baroque terrace, which is the soul of the castle. Specially adapted, decorated with abundant green wild vines, it is now used as a restaurant, wedding and banquet hall.

Warm summer months

During the summer months, people were experiencing on the terrace hot temperatures - about 30 °C. This was due to heat generated from the number of people attending events and to the glass roof. To keep this terrace cool, our Polish partner Iglotechnik has recently installed an IntrCooll Standard which brings fresh and cool air to the terrace ensuring a comfortable climate for ceremonies.

After the first week of the installation, our guests have been enjoying fresh air at 22 °C on the terrace while the outside temperature was 28 °C.

Two-stage evaporative cooling

The owner of the castle is an acquaintance of Iglotechnik and has worked with our partner in the past. He approached Iglotechnik because they were facing the challenge of too high temperatures in the summer on the terrace.  They actually already had installed a direct adiabatic cooling system but this was not able to provide the cooling capacity to create a comfortable climate. Our partner brought a demo IntrCooll-unit which met perfectly the needs of the end customer, who decided to buy and install an IntrCooll, which will definitely make their terrace in the summers fresher and cooler.


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