About us

Oxycom understands the need for fresh and cool air. In this age of growing environmental concern, our goal is to deliver a healthy indoor climate that makes people feel and perform better in every season. Inspired by nature, we develop and produce today’s most practical and energy-efficient solutions that point to the future of climate control.

Water as a refrigerant

Oxycom uses water, nature’s most powerful refrigerant (R718), to cool air in an environmentally friendly manner. Evaporating 1 m3 of water delivers almost 700 kWh of cooling. As a comparison, the same amount of water is used in a power plant to generate only 50 kWh of electricity, which conventional air conditioning systems can convert in no more than 150 kWh of cooling.

To optimize the cooling performance using water, Oxycom has developed the Oxycell® and the Oxyvap®. Any life cycle analysis will show Oxycom technology to use less water and energy than any other solution. 

Hans Reinders
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