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OXYCOM understands the desire for fresh and cool air. That’s why we bring it to the environments where we live, relax and work. Our goal is to create, through all seasons, a natural, fresh and healthy indoor climate to make you feel and perform better.


OXYCOM uses water, one of nature’s most powerful refrigerants (R718), to cool air in an ecological way. Evaporating water at a rate of 1 L/h generates 695 W of cooling power, whereas conventional air conditioning systems typically require as much as 250−300 W of electrical power to achieve the same. To optimize the cooling performance using water (adiabatic cooling), OXYCOM has developed the OXYCELL® and the OXYVAP®.


The OXYCELL® combines heat recovery with indirect evaporative cooling. During the winter season, the OXYCELL® provides fresh air with a heat recovery efficiency of 8590%. During the summer season, the OXYCELL® provides fresh (outdoor) air at a temperature of approximately 1820 ºC, offering a reduction in overall energy consumption up to 80% versus conventional air conditioning technology.


The OXYVAP® pad is a modular "plug and play" direct evaporative cooling pad including an aluminum frame and an integrated water distribution system. The OXYVAP® evaporative cooler is very suitable for applications in air-handling units, data center coolers, air humidifiers or to pre-cool the air adiabatically before a condenser coil in a chiller.VDI 6022

Being a hygienic product, the OXYVAP® has in fact the German VDI 6022 hygienic certificate.


Our products allow our customers worldwide to develop products that create the desired oxygen-rich, cool, healthy indoor climate. All of this with very low energy consumption and using environmentally friendly technology.


A Dutch company specialized in the development and production of products and components for

  • Adiabatic cooling
  • Indirect evaporative cooling
  • Dew point cooling
  • Air humidification
  • Heat recovery


OXYCOM sells its components to HVAC manufacturers with a strong market position. Read the Company Overview webpage to find out more.



The new OXYCOM Selector


We’re proud to present our selection software. The Selector is an online tool that allows you to make calculations for direct and indirect evaporative cooling, dew point cooling, heat recovery, air humidification and condenser pre-cooling. It is a very useful tool to select the right OXYCOM product for your purpose.


To access the Selector, please visit the OXYCOM Selector online for a free registration.


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