Why choose adiabatic cooling?

Everything you need to know about this natural, sustainable cooling method.

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What is adiabatic cooling?

What is adiabatic cooling?

Adiabatic cooling cools fresh air using water evaporation. This natural method makes effective and environmentally friendly cooling possible.

How it works:
Water needs heat to evaporate. This heat is extracted from the air. The air cools down because the evaporation extracts heat from the air.

Benefits of adiabatic cooling

Benefits of adiabatic cooling

Adiabatic cooling cools sustainably and effectively, even on the hottest days. Evaporative cooling can lead to large energy savings of up to 90%. The system uses water as a natural refrigerant. With adiabatic cooling, it is possible to cool with 100% fresh air. This creates comfortable and healthy conditions.

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Challenges & Opportunities for Energy-Efficient Climate Control

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Compared to traditional air conditioning

Adiabatic cooling offers many advantages compared to traditional cooling. These are the most important:


With adiabatic cooling, 1 kW of electricity provides up to 40 kW of cooling power. This so-called EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) is a factor 10 lower with traditional cooling systems. Substantial energy savings are possible.

Peak power reduction

On hot days, the power consumption of adiabatic cooling hardly increases and there is no high peak power, unlike mechanical cooling.


Legionella risk? No!

There are no aerosols in the airstream, because our products are based on contact humidficiation.The air flows along a wet surface, where only pure water evaporates. This means there is no risk of legionella, even if there are bacteria present in the water.

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Adiabatic cooling for perfect air quality

In adiabatic cooling, 100% fresh, filtered, clean outside air is cooled and used to cool a space. This improves air quality substantially. In contrast to mechanical cooling, warm, polluted indoor air is not recycled. Adiabatic coolers replace the air within your building several times an hour using filtered, cooled outside air. The pleasant and healthy indoor climate can lead to lower absenteeism due to illness and often results in higher productivity.

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“At one point it was 40°C outside. Under these conditions, the temperature usually rises to 50°C in the production halls. This time the temperature did not go above 28°C. The employees indicated that they hardly had to adjust the machines. Both man and machine were extremely pleased. ”

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