Adiabatic cooling cannabis greenhouse

Adiabatic cooling for your cannabis greenhouse

Create the ideal growth environment for your crop at 80% lower running cost.

The top choice for climate control in greenhouses

Your crop is the heart of your business. A solid and sustainable climate system in your growth facility is an essential foundation to ensure a high-quality product and maximum yield, at the lowest possible cost. We know what you need.

Optimal conditions

Controlled temperature and humidity ensure constant and optimal Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD). Within the optimal VPD-zone cannabis will thrive as transpiration, the key driver behind plant growth, is maximized. 

Uniform climate

Greenhouses are often large facilities stretching several hectares and thus uniform air distribution is essential to ensure a uniform climate. Oxycom’s unique air distribution and air guidance concept create a perfect micro-climate around your crop.

Low running cost

Conventional HVAC systems used in greenhouses consume an excessive amount of energy, particularly in hot weather conditions. IntrCooll cuts your energy consumption by up to 90%.

Challenges & Opportunities

Challenges & Opportunities for Energy-Efficient Climate Control

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Cannabis evaporative cooling

Continually hitting the sweet spot in the VPD zone

It is the top priority to continually achieve the desired temperature and humidity in your greenhouses for your crop to thrive. The IntrCooll is no ordinary evaporative cooler. The indirect/direct evaporative cooling technology results in lower supply temperatures and less humidity increase. Thanks to the outstanding performance, IntrCooll can keep the temperatures and humidity within the VPD zone throughout the year, at a fraction of the cost.


energy savings, compared to traditional air conditioning.

Cannabis adiabatic cooling

We deliver the best climate for your crop

The climate conditions that your crop grows in have a huge impact on the produced quality and yield. If humidity levels in a greenhouse are too high, your plants are susceptible to mold. Temperatures that deviate too far from the crop's ideal parameters weaken the plant's immune system. Therefore it is fundamental to achieve an optimal and steady climate. The IntrCooll delivers constant temperature, humidity, and fresh air to your greenhouse.

Steady temperatures for a healthy crop
Leaf temperature is another essential factor in the plant's development. Optimal temperature conditions vary between day and night, and strain of plant. When equipped with the Heat Reclaim Module, the IntrCooll can both cool the plant's leaf temperature down to the right temperature or mix fresh air with the greenhouse's residual heat to warm the plants up to the desired temperature. Whatever temperature is required, the IntrCooll can deliver at minimal energy costs.

Keeping humidity levels right at every step in the growing process
Setting the right humidity level for your crop can be challenging as plants change their transpiration rate as they grow and flower. The IntrCooll can adjust the humidity levels along the way to facilitate optimal growth.

Optimal transpiration rate with a controlled airflow
The airflow distribution in a greenhouse is essential for plant growth and development. Without an airflow, air pockets will form underneath the leaves, stinting the plant's transpiration. A too heavy airflow will equally harm the plant's development. Oxycom works together with leading air distribution duct suppliers to ensure a homogenous climate and velocity in your greenhouse. Using our extensive expertise in the built environment to make sure your crop is feeling just as comfortable as we do.

Climate control for cannabis greenhouses

IntrCooll adiabatische koeling


Our adiabatic cooling is the best natural and sustainable alternative to mechanical cooling. IntrCooll saves you up to 80% on energy consumption. You’re guaranteed the best climate for your crop to thrive in.

The solution for an optimal climate

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Space, spot and process cooling of industrial bakery locations

At Sinnack Backspezialitäten Germany, Oxycom installed the sustainable, easy-to-install and cost-efficient IntrCooll units. The units ensure optimal cooling in the production area, especially in the summer.

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Adiabatic Cooling South Africa

IntrCooll units guarantee grapefruit farm a constant temperature

Outside temperatures of 40 °C can severely affect the quality of freshly picked grapefruits which need to be stored at max 20 °C. Oxycom's IntrCooll units deliver the perfect climate conditions for both people and products in this semi-desert area.

Greenhouse adiabatic cooling 2

Ideal temperature and humidity for your plants at 80% lower running costs

Achieve the ideal temperature and humidity for your plants at 80% lower running costs?  
Cleverclima srl installed our IntrCooll at Green Garden Oderzo Treviso in Italy to do exactly that.

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