Fresh and cool air

Ultra-high cooling efficiency within easy reach

The need for fresh and cool air is universal. Oxycom technology provides it in abundance in any environment, from the family home to large commercial and industrial buildings.

Wherever we live, work or relax, we will always want a comfortable, healthy and oxygen-rich indoor climate. Oxycom delivers the means to make people feel and perform better all year round, at a fraction of the energy and environmental costs associated with traditional air conditioning.

Oxycom applies the natural principles of evaporation to achieve unprecedented efficiency levels. You can benefit in many ways, starting today. Our tried and tested products and components are at the heart of countless HVAC installations around the world.


Powered by nature, driven by progress

Oxycom products allow for energy savings of up to 90 percent compared to today’s dominant but outdated compressor-based AC technology. This is nothing short of a revolution in HVAC, as it not only drastically reduces CO2 emissions, but also creates a much healthier indoor climate without using any harmful refrigerants.

Oxycom makes full use of the impressive cooling power of water, nature’s most powerful refrigerant. Evaporating 1 m3 of water delivers almost 700 kWh of cooling. As a comparison, the same amount of water is used in a power plant to generate only 50 kWh of electricity, which conventional air conditioning systems can convert in no more than 150 kWh of cooling.

With water as the refrigerant, we can create a HFC-free future and achieve ultimate cooling efficiency. In nature, water is the medium to regulate temperature and find the right balance between ideal living conditions and preserving energy. Our own bodies do the same when we perspire in order to stay cool and prevent overheating.

Oxycom is taking the lead

While it clearly makes sense to copy Mother Nature, it is far from easy to make it work in large buildings and in a wide range of climatic conditions. Maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor climate is difficult at the best of times, let alone in cold winter and hot summer conditions.

Oxycom’s company history is about innovation and continuous improvement. We are committed to the development of adiabatic cooling technology in order to achieve ever better efficiency and large-scale deployment worldwide. We see this as our most important mission, as the world is full of AC systems that contain harmful substances, recirculate the same air over and over again, contribute to global warming and take a heavy toll on power grids.

Cool, fresh air and energy efficiency have been mutually exclusive for a long time. Oxycom has changed everything with easy to install and practically maintenance-free products that use no chemicals and only a fraction of the energy required by traditional systems.