Oxycom supports the LINK project of the VIRTUe team

Global sustainability has not just an environmental but also a social and economic aspect. In Dubai, with its tropical desert climate and extensive city growth, it is even more urgent to overcome these challenges. This is why the VIRTUe team started the LINQ project to design, build and operate the world’s most sustainable house in the “desert city”.

The biggest challenge for the VIRTUe’s team is to keep the heat outside the houses. This is totally opposite to what we are used to in Northern Europe. Heating is not included in the VIRTUe’s design, cooling is the most important. That costs 50 to 60 percent of the energy in homes in Dubai.

Oxycom provides a very efficient cooling solution with the FreshCooll unit which can realize 680 m3/h cooling/ventilation with 50% energy savings compared to conventional air conditioning technology.

The key strength of our FreshCooll unit is the combination between our Oxycell heat exchanger and a chiller which makes it very suitable for extreme hot and humid climates.

More info at: https://teamvirtue.nl/