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Ventilation - the key to more energy savings

"Expert stresses importance of changing public perception to shift focus from air conditioning to natural cooling."





OXYCOM participates at the German "Rechenzenterpreis", a prize for innovation in data centre technology.


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Deutsche Rechenzenterpreis




PUE proposal raises concerns

Interesting discussion on the Datacenterdynamics website regarding the way we measure the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of datacenters. 




The European Ecodesign Directive / Ökodesign-Richtlinie

The OXYCELL is OXYCOM’s highly efficient counterflow heat exchanger, combining heat recovery, indirect evaporative cooling and dew point cooling. It satisfies all the 2016 and 2018 heat recovery ventilation requirements established in the European Ecodesign Directive / Ökodesign-Richtlinie.

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Welcome to the Indoor Air Quality Video Network, an affiliate of Cochrane & Associates, LLC.



F-Gas rules ‘could catch cooling industry by surprise’




Power generation requires enormous amounts of cooling water



High Humidity Leads to Loss of Infectious Influenza Virus from Simulated Coughs


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