OXYVAP® Performance


The two graphs below show the saturation efficiency and pressure drop as a function of frontal air velocity under the Australian
Standard AS 2913-2000. The superior evaporation efficiency of the patented OXYVAP® media is reflected in the relatively high saturation efficiency, even at a higher air velocity. The required fan power is minimized by its extremely low pressure drop, maximizing energy efficiency.
Third party evaluations under Australian Standard AS 2913-2000 (TNO Netherlands and CSIRO Australia) have indicated a saturation efficiency between 89% and 93%.


Saturation Efficiency OXYVAP®
OXYVAP saturation efficiency
Pressure Drop OXYVAP®
OXYVAP pressure drop

The evaporative media is based upon our unique and patented water retaining finned aluminium sheet designed for maximum evaporation. At an air velocity of 2 m/s, we reach a saturation efficiency of 89% with an air pressure drop of only 45 Pa.

The high quality aluminum fins in combination with its unique and patented structure allow for a self-cleaning process during the operating mode, hence preventing the buildup of dirt, mold or calcium, which is typically a problem in competitive evaporative cooling media.

Furthermore, thanks to the high water retaining capacity of the fins you don’t need to install a droplet eliminator for air speeds up to 3 m/s.


Cooling Performance

The table below shows the cooling performance of the OXYVAP evaporative media. The supply temperature is shown for a range of combinations of outdoor air temperature and relative humidity, each for three face velocity values:


OXYVAP performance table


For detailed performance calculations you can use our Selector. The Selector is an online tool that allows you to make calculations for direct or indirect evaporative cooling, dew point cooling or air humidification. It is a very useful tool to select the right OXYCOM product for your purpose.

To access the Selector, please visit the OXYCOM Selector online for a free registration.


OXYVAP® Product Comparison


OXYVAP® Typical Paper Cooling Pad
    • Saturation efficiency 89%*
    • Saturation efficiency 70%*
    • Pressure drop 44 Pa*
    • Pressure drop 75 Pa*
    • Aluminium
    • Paper
    • Self cleaning fins
    • Easy dirt accumulation
    • No fungus & algea
    • Sensible to fungus & algea
  • VDI 6022 hygenic certificate
    • Long lifetime: > 5 years
    • No droplet eliminator for air

speed < 3.0 m/s



* Performance data at air velocity = 2.0 m/s


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